The Unexpected Benefits of Working From Home

The Unexpected Benefits of Working From Home

As stay-at-home and work from home orders approach the 6-week mark for most of us, something astonishing has been happening.

These images are from NASA showing the level of nitrogen dioxide levels over Los Angeles, and how the stay-at-home orders have affected not only our daily lives but the state of our environment.

The Roanoke Times reported that “compared to the previous five years, March air pollution is down 46% in Paris, 35% in Bengaluru, India, 38% in Sydney, 29% in Los Angeles, 26% in Rio de Janeiro and 9% in Durban, South Africa”.

For the first time in 30 years, the Himalayas are visible from up to 125 miles away.  Scott Collis, an atmospheric scientist from Argonne National Laboratory, recently told WTTW News that “Over China there was a 50% reduction in things like nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide due to the shutting down of heavy industries and factories.”  He went on to say that New York saw similar results but from the reduction in auto traffic instead of factory emissions.

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Goto and LogMeIn combined forces to poll employees on what they thought about both remote work and its environmental impact.   Here is a portion of what they found:

  • The individuals surveyed listed the top benefit of working from home as reducing pollution (61%), with 51% citing lower commute stress
  • Respondents believe working from home has a positive impact on productivity (64%)
  • 50% of respondents worry about making it to work in time because of their commute, and 59% of them state the commute affects how they feel about their job.  30% have even quit their job over a stressful commute.
  • 78% believe  that working from home allows them to save money
  • 45% believe that working from home would make them happier
  • 46% indicate that working from home would allow them to better de-stress between calls
  • 57% think working from home provides them with a more flexible schedule.

How to Take Care of your Communications and the Environment by Working From Home

The Unexpected Benefits of Working from Home

It’s clear that employees and businesses will see significant benefits from remote and/or flexible work environments.  It has also been shown, thanks to COVID-19  that it could significantly impact the environment.

As most of us have found out when we were thrust into the world of working from home, whether we were ready for it or not, having reliable and flexible communications solutions is critical to maintaining that productivity and connection needed to move the business forward. And If you have yet to find the right provider for you, we’d love to have a few minutes of your time to see if we would be a fit for your business as we start to move forward (and hopefully past) this pandemic.  Learn more in this free whitepaper, “Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

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