For Hospitality

A Cloud-Based Phone System can significantly reduce the cost of owning and operating your phone system. MIX is already integrated with a number of major Property Management Systems so that you can be saving money right away.

Reliable, Always on Communications Solutions

Information, room service, housekeeping, your guests need to have reliable access to staff. MIX Networks®, with built-in failover and features like custom forwarding and voicemail retrieval via email, you and your guests will enjoy reliable, always on communications services.

Pre-Integrated with many Property Management Systems

MIX Networks® has already integrated with a leading number of property management systems (PMS) and offers the added bonus of custom branding for your property. Additional, custom integration is possible with CRMs or other necessary solutions. See if your PMS is included here.

Grows With You

With the rapid growth of the hospitality industry and the frequent mergers of properties, MIX Networks® is built to scale and can ease the transition between diverse locations.

Flexible and Cost Effective

Even though fewer guests are using property phone solutions, it still must be maintained and support all of the required features. Cloud-based phone systems can ensure you maintain compliance while reducing costs.