Assisted Senior Living

Care for Your Communications® by MIX Networks®

The comfort and safety of residents is your primary concern, and you can improve your resident's quality of life with a hosted phone solution tailored to their needs.

Reliable Solutions To Care For Your Residents

Ensuring that your residents can communicate with staff and loved ones is a fundamental need. Aging or outdated communication solutions can significantly impact your resident's ability to communicate.

Improve Your Resident's Quality of life

Are your residents asking for a feature that your current solution does not offer? Give them what they need with our hosted cloud solution. Our assisted living solutions are easy to use while providing residents with the advanced features they want.

Grows With You

As more of the Greatest Generation in American age, assisted and senior living facilities are experiencing rapid growth. Legacy solutions have a limit to the amount of seats and licenses they can accommodate. Hosted solutions remove the barrier of scalability and enable you to add seats and licenses without equipment.

No more Maintenance Headaches

Reduce the complexity of maintaining your telephone solution and get out from under those expensive maintenance contracts. Hosted solutions are simple to manage through intuitive user interfaces, enabling your in-house staff to manage the solution, and save you money.


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