Routers & Gateways


Exceptional voice quality, easy to implement, and fully covered by MIX's extended warranty throughout the contract term.

Best in class Hardware to Support
and Enhance MIX Networks® Services

MIX Networks® has partnered with leading manufacturers to provide
you with the very best IP hardware at no upfront cost.

QoS Routers

QoS Routers shape IP traffic, enabling you to prioritize voice over data packets on an internet connection and enable MIX technicians to remotely monitor your circuit.
Preferred QoS Router vendors include Peplink and Edgemarc devices.

Analog to IP Gateways/ATAs

Preferred ATA vendors include Mediatrix and Grandstream devices.
ATAs, or analog telephone adapters, are VoIP adapters that connect analog phones, faxes and modems to SIP trunks and Hosted PBXs.

4G Wireless Internet Backup

Business Continuity - Simplified. Used in conjunction with a QoS Router, MIX's 4G Backup Solution provides seamless failover in the event of a primary internet connection outage.
Preferred 4G Backup devices include Peplink and Cradlepoint.


Mediatrix 4100 Series
4100 Series