Ensure E911 Compliance

New legislation requires changes to how your communications system handles 911 calls

No more 9

Kari’s Law, which was enacted in February of 2020, requires that all multi-line telephone systems remove the requirement to dial 9 for an outside line when calling 911, making it easier to reach emergency services.

Detailed Location Information

Ray BAUM’s Act, in conjunction with Kari’s Law, obligates multi-location telephone systems to deliver more detailed dispatchable location information to the PSAP when an emergency call is made. Any 911 call now will need to include location information down to the room the call was made from.

On-Site Notification

Both Kari’s Law and Ray BAUM’s Act require that notifications be sent to dedicated, on-site personnel or third-party providers so that aid can be rendered prior to emergency personnel’s arrival on-site.

Mix Networks Unified Communications Help

MIX Networks Helps You Comply With Kari’s Law and Ray BAUM’s Act

Direct access to outbound E911 services on the MIX platform have never required a preceding digit to access a “line”, but moving forward, all on-premise MLTS solutions must be compliant with these regulations.

New features have been rolled out to further protect your customers
and meet compliance with these new laws:

New features have been rolled out to further protect your customers and meet compliance with these new laws:

  • Third Party Notifications - Once a E911 call is initiated through, a 911 call notification can be sent to an email address. One or more email addresses can be added to the email distribution. (SMS Notification is coming May, 2020)
  • E911 Call Bridging - Once a E911 call is initiated, we can initiate a three-way between the E911 dialer, PSAP, and designated third party.

How to get compliant

To avoid fines and penalties, make sure your communications solution is compliant before a 911 call is made. MIX Networks is here to help. Request an E911 audit by filling in the form below, and one of our consultants will help you identify gaps in your compliance and provide you with a roadmap to help you gain full compliance.
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