Hot desking

What is Hot Desking or Hoteling?

After several years of pandemic precautions, we can no longer deny that working from home is a viable workplace strategy.  With 60% of workers still working from home with the blessing of their company, the workplace is being reimagined and many organizations have chosen to adopt hybrid work.  And one way you can meet the […]

CommentsNovember 2022
VoIP Phone

7 Reasons To Choose A VoIP Phone Over Traditional Telephone Service

Developed in 1995 with the goal of providing long-distance and international call services for a lower price, VoIP ushered in an entirely new business communications landscape.  By 1999, the VoIP phone gained momentum with the development of SIP (session initiation protocol) and G.722.1, which became a widely adopted wideband coding standard.  By 2004, VoIP providers […]

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