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Best POTS Replacement devices

Top POTS Replacement Devices for 2022

The countdown has begun.  At the writing of this article, around 4 months remain before the date set in FCC Order 19-72A1 as the day that POTS Lines no longer need to be maintained.  POTS lines are “plain old telephone service,” which is essentially the wires that connect our phones physically to the switch and […]

CommentsMay 2022
Best Poly IP Phone 2022

Top Poly IP Phones for 2022

Continuing our series of the top IP phones for 2022, we wanted to highlight the Poly series of phones.  For over 30 years Poly, has been a powerhouse in telecommunications equipment, and you have probably come across their phones for years under the name of Polycom. After a merger with Plantronics, Polycom rebranded itself to […]

CommentsApril 2022
Yealink IP Phones

Top Yealink IP Phones for 2022

With the retirement of POTS Lines, as approved in FCC Order 19-72A1,  rapidly approaching and the growing trend towards hybrid and remote working strategies, it’s no surprise that you may be considering upgrading or changing your current telecom solution.  And most likely, that change will also come with a change in what IP Handsets you […]

CommentsApril 2022

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