Migration To Cloud

Cloud... VOIP... communications as a service?

Whatever you call it, we can help you get there.

Where we work is Changing

No longer is it assumed that all work would be done inside the four walls of the physical office space. Work-life demands from the next generation of talent are making the idea of remote and telework a reality, often leaving business struggling to keep the flow of communications going. Cloud-based solutions like Unified Communications or Hosted PBX enables your employees to work at any time, from anywhere and still maintain that professional, business identity.

Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity and Provide Better Customer Service

Sometimes moving to a Hosted PBX is a matter of necessity because your on-premise system has reached capacity, lacks an essential new feature, or is simply so old that it is no longer economical to maintain. Whatever your reason, MIX Networks® can help.

Expand your Horizons

Just because a solution is "legacy" doesn't mean all hope is lost. By combining the equipment of your legacy solution with the network of VoIP services, the sky is the limit of what you can do.

Don't let migrating to the Cloud Intimidate you

MIX Networks® is here to help you migrate without the complexity.
Here's How.