MIX Networks®


We know how critical communication is to a business. With this in mind, MIX Networks® has built a network with voice quality and network reliability as the core.

There When You Need It

MIX Networks® has built a solution that achieves 99.99% up-time, ensuring that your communications are there when you need it.

Geo-Redundant, Continent-Wide Coverage

Geographically dispersed colocation of the servers ensures that local events, like natural disasters and network outages, do not take the entire network down.

Active-Active Architecture for Seamless Failover Coverage

In the active-active architecture, everything is duplicated across multiple nodes and synchronized in real-time. If one node fails, the failover to another node is completely seamless and transparent.

Dual-Registration of the End-Points

Each phone deploys a dual-registration feature for in the unlikely event that the first node the phone is registered to goes down, the second programmed node will take over.

MIX Networks® has continent-wide coverage, with new colocated servers being added in the near future.


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