UCaaS Great Resignation

UCaaS and the “Great Resignation”

47 million Americans quit their jobs voluntarily last year, according to a CNN report.  Not only did a record number of Americans quit, but there were also record job openings hindering businesses’ ability to continue to grow and thrive.  This phenomenon has been named the “Great Resignation” and no industry is immune.  What does UCaaS […]

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Stressed worker

Struggling With Burnout? UC Can Help

Burnout is now an official diagnosis, according to the International Classification of Diseases and the World Health Organization.  Burnout has been discussed for generations, first mentioned in 1974 by Psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, but has, until now, been a blurry concept.  Defined by exhaustion and mental distance from one’s job, the diagnosis is limited to work […]

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COVID-19 and the New Normal of Work: Hybrid

There is no denying this last year was enlightening in so many ways, but one of the big ones was a complete realignment with how we believe work gets done.  Remote work, hybrid-work, flexible work.   While work was already trending this way, we learned that work could get done from home in those back-office […]

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