Top Yealink IP Phones for 2022

Top Yealink IP Phones for 2022

With the retirement of POTS Lines, as approved in FCC Order 19-72A1,  rapidly approaching and the growing trend towards hybrid and remote working strategies, it’s no surprise that you may be considering upgrading or changing your current telecom solution.  And most likely, that change will also come with a change in what IP Handsets you use to connect your users to the PBX and ultimately your consumers.  One brand you have most likely come across in your research is Yealink IP Phones.

Yealink IP Phones chart

The above phones are just a fraction of the wide array of IP phones that Yealink offers worldwide, but these are the ones that have passed our rigorous testing to meet the qualifications of being guaranteed to work on our unique (and yours) network.  We believe these are the best of the best…but the following three are even better for the reasons described.

Best Overall Yealink IP Phone: SIP T54W

Yealink IP Phone


With its adjustable 4.3” color LCD screen, the T54W offers exceptional audio quality with Yealink Optimal HD Voice and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology that eliminates background noise for crystal clear voice regardless of your surrounding.  The built-in Bluetooth connection enables you to attach a wide array of Bluetooth head and handsets to help your staff comfortably communicate in their preferred way and for added benefits, the phone also includes built-in 5G wireless connections.  With a built-in USB 2.0 port, you can easily enable USB call recording via a USB flash drive or connect a wired/wireless USB headset without connecting Yealink EHS36 anymore, and connect up to 3 Yealink expansion modules EXP50.  With the SIP T54W, the possibilities are endless.  Key features include:



  • 4.3” color LCD screen
  • 16 Lines
  • 3 Expansion kit modules can be attached.
  • Bluetooth and built-in 5G wireless connections are available

Best Budget Yealink IP Phone: SIP T42U

Yealink IP Phone




With 12 lines and 2 USB ports, the SIP T42U’s versatile design enables you to manage your communications your way.  Bluetooth, Wifi, USB Headset, and recording capabilities, the SIP T42U has been described as the “Right-hand man” in the office.  The T42U boasts 15 easily programmed paperless DSS keys and exceptional voice quality from Yealinks Optima HD voice technology.  While simple to deploy, manage and maintain, the SIP T42U can save you time and money while enhancing collaboration and interoperability.  Key features include:



  • 12 Lines
  • 2.7” LCD
  • 15 programmable paperless DSS keys
  • USB headset and recording capable

Most Comprehensive Yealink IP Phone:  T58W

Yealink IP Phones



Feel free to move with the updated Yealink T58W.  Capable of remaining connected to the base unit in a range of 30 feet, the optional Bluetooth handset that can be added to the Yealink T58W means no more missed calls as you visit and collaborate with your nearby neighbors.  Updated with the Android 9.0 operating system, the user interface is more concise and can significantly improve the user experience and efficiency for the user.    The T58W is also highly interoperable with  IP Video intercom systems from major vendors across the industry, making it the phone of choice for true cost-efficiency for your business.  Key features of the Yealink T58W:



  • 16 Lines
  • 7” Touchscreen
  • Android 9.0 operating system
  • Video capable

The Best Yealink Phone for You?

Yealink IP Phones

As with many things, what is best for someone else may not be the best for you.   That’s why the choice of a business IP phone that is best for you is reliant on many different factors such as industry, business setup, business size, and so on.  These phones, however, through our many conversations with customers over the years, we have found to be some of the most reliable and with the right technology to meet the needs of an array of industries and business types.

Is one of these phones right for you?  Contact us today to find out more.

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