POTS Telco Line

5 Common Issues with Your POTS Telco Line and How to Solve Them

Having a stable and reliable telco line is essential for seamless communication in today’s digital age. However, there can be times when issues arise, disrupting the smooth functioning of your telco line. In this article, we will explore the five most common problems you may encounter with your POTS Telco Line and provide troubleshooting tips […]

CommentsFebruary 2024
Evolution of Copper Lines

Is Your Phone Line Becoming Obsolete? The Evolution of Copper Lines

Are phone lines becoming a thing of the past? With the rapid evolution of technology, it’s no secret that many traditional forms of communication are being replaced with more efficient and advanced methods. This holds true for copper phone lines, which have been a staple of telecommunications for decades. In today’s digital age, where smartphones […]

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AT&T Ends POTS Lines

AT&T Seeks to End POTS in California

Dwindling POTS Usage Prompts AT&T to Petition to End POTS Landline Obligation On February 6, the California Public Utilities Commission and AT&T will hold the first of a series of public hearings in Humboldt County, California, to discuss AT&T’s request to be released as the “Carrier of Last Resort” and the designation an “Eligible Telecommunications […]

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