Essential Traits for Unified Communications

6 Essential Traits for Unified Communications Solutions

Remote and hybrid work is no longer nice to have.  It’s a “must-have.”  And numbers support it.  88% of employees in an OwlLabs study reported experiencing increased job satisfaction & improved mental health when working remotely. And that’s not all – 55% reported feeling less stressed! Unified Communications (UC) refers to integrating various communication tools […]

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Hot desking

What is Hot Desking or Hoteling?

After several years of pandemic precautions, we can no longer deny that working from home is a viable workplace strategy.  With 60% of workers still working from home with the blessing of their company, the workplace is being reimagined and many organizations have chosen to adopt hybrid work.  And one way you can meet the […]

CommentsNovember 2022
What is the PSTN

What does the PSTN Stand For?

You’ve likely seen the acronym tossed around but do you know what the PSTN stands for? The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) was originally designed for voice communications only. Then the PSTN became the underpinning of text messages, video calls, and even the Internet.  Using underground copper wires, this legacy platform has been a reliable […]

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