Five Ways Using Unified Communications Can Improve Company Culture

Five Ways Using Unified Communications Can Improve Company Culture

As the world navigates a new normal of hybrid work, businesses realize the importance of a strong company culture to keep employees engaged and motivated. But how can you facilitate company culture when your team is spread out in different locations and working from home? Unified communications can be the answer.

Unified Communications (UC) solutions can improve company culture and create a more inviting environment. This article will look at five ways Unified Communications can improve company culture.

Five Ways Unified Communications Improves Company Culture

Foster transparent and open communication

Effective communication is at the core of any strong company culture. Encourage employees to communicate openly and transparently with each other by using unified communication tools.  Real-time messaging and video conferencing in addition to traditional voice communications, are essential, allowing team members to discuss and resolve issues quickly.

Encourage collaboration

Collaboration is critical in a hybrid work environment, where employees may work remotely or from different locations. This means that tools that enable file sharing, document collaboration, and real-time editing will be crucial to collaboration. Platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 can work on documents simultaneously and in real-time, regardless of team member’s location.

Use video conferencing for face-to-face interaction

Video conferencing is a powerful tool for remote teams. It provides a more personal touch to the communication and helps team members feel more connected to each other. Video conferencing can be used for regular team meetings, one-on-one sessions, and virtual happy hours.

Celebrate successes and milestones

One of the most critical aspects of company culture is celebrating successes and milestones. Recognizing and celebrating these achievements in a hybrid work environment can be challenging. Unified communication tools can help. For example, you can use a team chat platform to create a dedicated channel for recognition and appreciation, where team members can give shoutouts and celebrate milestones.

Unified Communications can create a sense of community

A strong company culture is built on a sense of community. Encourage team members to engage in non-work-related conversations and share their hobbies and interests. You can create a dedicated channel in your internal chat tool and encourage employees to engage in this informal discussion.

Five Ways Unified Communications Improves Company Culture

Unified Communications Drive a Positive Company Culture

In conclusion, facilitating company culture in a hybrid work environment requires a deliberate effort.  Unified communication tools can create a more connected and collaborative work environment, enabling team members to communicate and collaborate effectively. You can create a strong company culture, even in a hybrid work environment, by fostering transparent and open communication, encouraging collaboration, using video conferencing, celebrating successes and milestones, and creating a sense of community.  Contact us to get started on a better company culture.


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Five Ways Unified Communications Improves Company Culture

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