Five Ways Unified Communications Improves Company Culture

Five Ways Using Unified Communications Can Improve Company Culture

As the world navigates a new normal of hybrid work, businesses realize the importance of a strong company culture to keep employees engaged and motivated. But how can you facilitate company culture when your team is spread out in different locations and working from home? Unified communications can be the answer. Unified Communications (UC) solutions […]

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AT&T Discontinues POTS Lines

AT&T is discontinuing POTS Lines. This news would not be surprising if you have been following us for a while.  But recent events are confirming that the next phase of the discontinuation of POTS lines has begun. In August 2022, the FCC removed the requirement that POTS lines are maintained as the network continued to […]

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Woman holding copper POTS phone

Overview of Copper POTS Lines in Telecom

Copper POTS lines, or Plain Old Telephone Service lines, have been a mainstay technology for telecom for decades. They enable voice transmission over analog circuits, making them ideal for business or home use. This article will explain the differences between digital and analog communications and help you understand the applications of these Copper Phone lines […]

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