AT&T Discontinues POTS Lines

AT&T Discontinues POTS Lines


AT&T is discontinuing POTS Lines.

This news would not be surprising if you have been following us for a while.  But recent events are confirming that the next phase of the discontinuation of POTS lines has begun.

In August 2022, the FCC removed the requirement that POTS lines are maintained as the network continued to degrade, and subscribership decreased.  The ruling also enabled the large telecom providers (think AT&T, Verizon) to stop offering copper loops to smaller competitors which had been mandated by the commission since the 1990s.

San Diego and Michigan residents are warned of closure.

Residents in San Diego and Michigan both have received notice that their copper POTS lines are being discontinued.  A condo in San Diego received notice in May of 2022 that their landlines would be shut down in August of 2022, and if they wanted to continue to receive landline service, they would need to upgrade their connections to fiber optic cable.  And multiple providers in Michigan have issued notices to subscribers of the need to migrate to VoIP and fiber optic connections causing the state to publish a FAQ to residents on what their rights were with the change.

AT&T Says Goodbye to POTS Lines 

AT&T has already stopped offering DSL services to new customers.  It’s only a matter of time before the discontinuation reaches you.  The question is not if your AT&T POTS lines will be discontinued but when…and if you are prepared for the switch.

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POTS Replacement

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