What is the POTS IN A BOX ® and How Does It Work

What is the POTS IN A BOX ® and How Does It Work

In August of 2022, FCC Order 19-72A1 was fully enacted, removing the mandate that required the continued maintenance and support of copper POTS lines and opened the door for the full-scale digital transformation of our communications network.

While this is all good news, it does present some challenges for those users who still rely on POTS lines.  According to the FCC, there are approximately 36 Million POTS Lines still in use today, comprised mostly of business phone landline services.  This includes fire and burglar alarms, fax lines, elevator emergency call services, and much more.  The challenge comes in because POTS technology is often not compatible with digital transmission lines.  Unfortunately, you can’t just unplug the POTS connections from a POTS line PBX or a fax line and replace them with VoIP and expect them to work.  The two technologies are incompatible.  So when an organization is presented with the retirement of these POTS Lines, it can seem like a really big mountain to climb. The reality is it doesn’t have to be.


While there are several solutions available on the market to help organizations bridge the communications gap, there is only one that is a complete turnkey replacement.

What is POTS IN A BOX ®?

POTS IN A BOX ® by DataRemote is an innovative solution that enables digital transformation by simplifying communication networks. It offers an advanced suite of features, including cost-effective IP telephony, support for SIP protocol, remote access, failover options, and robust data protection – all in a cost-effective package that works with leading hardware and software vendors.  The beauty of the solution is that it can provide coverage over LTE, Cellular, Wi-Fi, PSTN or FirstNet to enable a variety of analog wireline in-band voice solutions.  This includes Voice, M2M, Data, DTMF, Analog Data Modem Tones, Fax, and Alarm signals.  Virtually every application that requires a copper hardline can now be replaced with one device.


How Does the PIAB Work?

POTS IN A BOX ® works by connecting your existing traditional phone line to an IP-enabled device which is then connected to the Internet.  From there, calls can be made to any location while still utilizing the same features and services as before. Additionally, users can also take advantage of features like VoIP, advanced unified communication services, and cloud-based applications. POTS IN A BOX® is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to upgrade their telecom networks without replacing existing infrastructure.


What Benefits Does the PIAB Provide?

POTS IN A BOX ® is designed to provide businesses with a range of benefits and features. These include improved call quality, greater cost efficiency, fully-integrated multimedia communication networks, SIP compatibility, and seamless failover.  DataRemote’s POTS IN A BOX ® is THE only device that is compatible with all three major cellular networks, giving users the added advantage of choice.


POTS IN A BOX ® bridges the divide between traditional telephony’s wired devices and today’s wireless infrastructure. POTS IN A BOX ® is an LTE/Cellular/Wi-Fi/PSTN/FirstNet-capable router that can enable many combinations of legacy analog wireline in-band Voice, M2M, Data, DTMF, Analog Data Modem Tones, Fax and Alarm System Signals.  As a result of this innovation, these functions – historically supported by POTS Lines – can be delivered via POTS IN A BOX ® and carried over LAN or WAN internet connections such as fiber optics or cable connections, all with little to no downtime.

Learn more about what the POTS IN A BOX ® can do to help you transition from POTS lines to VoIP.

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