What To Expect at The Lodging Conference 2019

What To Expect at The Lodging Conference 2019

For over 24 years, the Lodging Conference has welcomed over 33,000 high level hotel executives in one of the largest hospitality industry events around the globe.  This September 23-26, over 1,900 C-Suite Executives from around the globe will descend on Phoenix, Arizona to rub elbows with and learn from some of the biggest names in the industry.  With Deloitte anticipating positive growth in ADR, RevPAR, and Occupancy for 2019, this years meeting can’t come at a better time.

What to Expect at the Lodging Conference 2019

The Lodging Conference is more than “just a meeting.”

The Lodging Conference chairman, Harry Javer, describes the meeting as more than  “just a conference,” but a Think Tank where “everybody in attendance has the opportunity to join in the conversation.”

The agenda is filled with engaging content from the biggest industry influencers and cover topics ranging from the latest hospitality technology trends to the advancements of alternative options to the traditional hospitality industry.   Below are some of the sessions that, in our opinion, were the must attends:

Despite Record Growth, Expenses are Threatening the Bottom Line

Lodging Conference 2019

The hospitality industry is facing significant challenges in maintaining the bottom line.  Real estate values are rising quickly, labor shortages are increasing and wage demands are growing.  The telecommunications portion of your hotel may be the last thing on your mind as fewer guests rely on the hotel phone to communicate, but it can actually be the catalyst for major cost savings and an increase in your bottom line.  MIX Networks Unified Communications and Hosted VoIP solution is cost effective and flexible, to meet your changing hotel and guest needs. Additionally, MIX Networks solution is pre-integrated with many of the biggest property management solutions on the market, streamlining not only your management of the property but your technology costs.  Contact MIX today to learn how we can help your property grow and compete with the latest telecommunications features.

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