What if you put UC to Work for you?

What if you put UC to Work for you?

Every morning, you wake up, grab that cup of coffee and rush out the door for congested roads and slow traffic, along with 150 Million people across the world.  Only to be met with an unmovable gridlock that isn’t clearing up anytime fast.  Usually, this wasn’t a big deal – but today you had a very important conference call at 8am on the dot.   You can not miss this one!  Your entire career hinges on making this call.

What if you could take that call from your car and no one would know the difference?  What if you called from your cell phone and the recipient only saw your office number?

What if that surprise customer order came in the middle of your vacation and you were able to exceed your biggest clients expectations even while you were on vacation.

What if your physical location was no longer a hindrance to getting things done?

Unified Communications at Work

What if you put Unified Communications to work for you and not the other way around?

Work-life balance is increasingly a goal of many working Americans, just like you.  The physical barriers of the wall and the 8-5 grind is wearing down even the staunchest of employees and American workers.  Many American’s sacrifice their work-life balance over and over again just to meet productivity goals.  But what if it didn’t need to be that way?  What if you and your employees were able to work how they want, from where they are, and the walls were just a meeting place?  Can you imagine the increase in productivity this will provide you and your business?  What about the job satisfaction and loyalty of your employees.

The reality is, as has been reported by UC Today, that 30% of Americans reported getting more done in less time when telecommuting.   Gallup found that 89% of workers were disengaged from their work.

Reap the benefits of reduced costs, increased productivity and employee satisfaction by putting Unified Communications to work for you.  Find out how by clicking here.

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