Top POTS Replacement Devices for 2022

Top POTS Replacement Devices for 2022

The countdown has begun.  At the writing of this article, around 4 months remain before the date set in FCC Order 19-72A1 as the day that POTS Lines no longer need to be maintained.  POTS lines are “plain old telephone service,” which is essentially the wires that connect our phones physically to the switch and so on until it finally reaches the intended destination assigned to the number you dialed.  The robust network served our communication needs reliably for over a century.

But as age does, it quickly caught up with POTS Lines.  The combined forces of new, cheaper, more convenient communications methods and an aging network requiring more and more maintenance to keep the infrastructure alive and running have brought us to today.

August 2, 2022, will be when telecommunications begins to change forever.

Best POTS Replacement devices

What POTS Replacement Devices Are There?

Seeing the writing on the wall and recognizing the need for a simple solution to the problem of migrating the world’s various POTS devices, DataRemote created and perfected what they called the POTS IN A BOX®.   The POTS IN A BOX® devices removed the need for a full rip and replace of your analog communications network, and it allows you to connect your current analog solutions to the new digital network.

The POTS IN A BOX® is a unique combination of cellular, LTE, Wi-Fi, PSTN, and FirstNet capable router that enables multiple combinations of both legacy analog wireline in-band Voice, M2M, Data, DTMF, Analog Data Modem Tones, Fax, and Alarm System Signals and removes the barrier of delivering legacy voice and data solutions over newer digital technology.

DataRemote offers a variety of networking devices, but for our purposes, these are the best devices when working to replace your POTS lines: CDS-9010 or CDS-9090.  Here is a quick high-level overview:

POTS Line Replacement


Best Small Network Support: DataRemote CDS-9010

This Wi-Fi-capable router offers two separate RJ-11 ports as well as 3 RJ-45 and LAN and WAN ports.  Primarily using cellular or LTE  data networks in conjunction with a firewalled network operating center (NOC) enables the cellular data received or sent to the PSTN to enable call origination or completion over VoIP and Cellular data channels.  The CDS-9010 device allows connected devices to replace analog wire-line analog POTS lines directly and provide multiple access and connectivity options, including VoIP or Cellular connections.



Best Overall POTS Replacement: DataRemote CDS-9090

CDS 9090 POTSThe CDS-9090 appliance permits connected devices to directly replace POTS Lines and wireline connections to enable multiple connection options.  The solution primarily uses the LTE cellular network and a firewalled network operating center (NOC) to route any cellular data received to or from the analog wireline network to enable call completion and origination.  The CDS-9090 includes 8 RJ-11 ports, 5 RJ-45, dual SIM Card slots, and 6 external antenna ports.  The device also boasts 12 hours of internal battery standby in the event of a power disruption.



The Best POTS Replacement Device for You?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question.  However you choose to solve the problem of aging POTS lines is up to you and what you believe is the best option for you.  In our opinion, however, the POTS IN A BOX device is the most comprehensive replacement device with the least disruption to your business.  Explore your options today for POTS Replacement devices.

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