POTS Line Replacement Solutions

POTS Line Replacement Solutions

It’s the dawning of a new era.  If you haven’t yet, you will soon receive a letter from your current telecom provider if you are still using the copper phone lines (POTS Lines) for your communications solutions.

Dear Business Owner:

Effective immediately, the cost for your current POTS line phone services will be increased by 50%.  Your new price for the services will be $145 per line,  Please be aware that your current POTS line phone services will no longer be available after December 1, 2020.  We do have some alternate IP-based communications solutions that might fit your needs and allow you to remain at your current pricing structure. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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If this isn’t shocking enough, consider this: virtually every device that requires the copper lines (POTS) can be replaced with one device.

Yes.  One.  POTS IN A BOX ® – wireless solutions for POTS Line Replacement.

Data-over-Wireless Gives You No Other Option

It’s true.  You have no other option but to migrate to IP based solutions as the death of the PSTN looms – a result of the major telcos petitioning the FCC to remove the mandate of maintaining the copper wire infrastructure that has been the lifeblood of communications since it was first created.

As users began migrating off of the wired copper lines to the more mobile and flexible IP solutions, equipment manufacturers followed suit and soon EOL’d analog devices as demand skyrocketed for IP-capable devices.

However, problems with IP-based fax line transmission, incompatibility with alarm signal protocols, and issues with complex modem data functions kept these devices tethered to the old POTS line services.  This left you with the almost impossible decision to pay the significantly increased prices to maintain the copper POTS lines you rely on….or spend thousands and thousands of dollars to completely overhaul your communications system.

POTS IN A BOX ® is the Contingency Plan for POTS Line Replacement

A full rip-and-replace of your communications infrastructure is cost-prohibitive for most.  The thousands of dollars that you have invested in the solution for years and the unique needs of your internal systems make the challenge of fully migrating to a digital solution even larger.   But the mountain turns into a molehill when you add the POTS IN A BOX ® device to the mix.  Truly, POTS IN A BOX ® is THE contingency plan for businesses that are being disrupted by the sunset of the copper lines in the PSTN.

As an added benefit, POTS IN A BOX ® not only connects your legacy networks to the newer digital connections, but it also provides cellular data failover in the event that your external provider experiences problems.

Disruption in service is inevitable, regardless of which technology you use.  Natural disasters that knock infrastructure down, wire cuts, and power outages are just a few of the things that can cause your provider’s network to go down. POTS IN A BOX ® approximates copper POTS line reliability through its optional WAN interface and dual LTE failover features built right into the device so that all of your critical communications services remain active.

One Device To Replace All Your Landlines

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Alarms, faxes, and elevators – oh my!  Just like in the Wizard of Oz, the solution to returning home to Kansas was surprisingly simple – Dorothy just clicked her sparkly red shoes and thought of home. The same is true for bridging the divide between your critical analog communications needs and the new IP-driven communications networks.

Learn more about how the POTS IN A BOX ® device can reduce your telecommunications expense by as much as 50% while continuing to support all of your analog needs for alarm, fax, elevator, modem data, and more.

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