What Can You Do With One-Click?

What Can You Do With One-Click?

23 years ago, Amazon introduced to the world the concept of “one-click purchasing,” revolutionizing the way consumers shop again.  Why?  One simple reason.  Efficiency.

Technology has disrupted our lives in many ways, increasing communication, efficiency, and productivity.  We can roam further (cars, planes), our social circle became global (social media), and our work-life became better balanced (mobile technology and applications).  Which raises the question, what can you do with one-click?

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28 Things You Can Do With One-Click

As our lives have inevitably begun to rely on these technologies for both work and play, we have more time.  And with more time, we are very good at filling that time with a never-ending round of busyness.  Whether this is good or bad, we will leave up to the experts who study the brain, but once again, technology can help us get more done with less time.

In 1997, Amazon saw increased cart abandonment, in large part driven by the fact that consumers often had to leave their computers to get their chosen payment method.  Because of this trend, Amazon developed the concept of the “one-click buy,” where shoppers could save their preferred method in their account and trigger the buy with a simple click of a button.  From there, the trend took off.  Now the list of things you can do with a simple click has grown.  We developed this list of 28; what would you add?

  1. Buy a car
  2. Buy a book
  3. Submit a job application
  4. Hire a freelancer
  5. Find Roof Building Codes by Address
  6. Get Tech Support
  7. Browse Millions of Research Papers
  8. Open files
  9. Organize a web conference
  10. Chat with a co-worker
  11. Start a screen share
  12. Make a phone call
  13. Calculate your environmental impact
  14. Streamline Advocacy campaigns
  15. Podcast distribution
  16. Start a group chat
  17. Spin up a desktop
  18. Create a home movie
  19. File your taxes
  20. Create an invoice
  21. Book a flight
  22. Rent a car
  23. Post on Social Media
  24. Upgrade a phone
  25. Navigation (GPS)
  26. Communicate with others by translating words into their language (App)
  27. Fill a prescription
  28. Tour homes

One-Click Communications

The current way of facilitating collaboration among team members, especially in our highly remote world since the pandemic began, is bulky and fraught with errors.  Calendar invites don’t make it to the right person if at all, errors in the link or time zone adjustments.  Now, there is a new way of managing and organizing collaboration with remote and in-person employees both – UCFone+.  UCFone+ is device agnostic, easy to use, and requires no additional downloads for users to participate.  With UCFone+ you can put Unified Communications to Work for You and connect, collaborate, and build camaraderie with video conferencing.   Learn more about how video and web conferencing can further enhance your business communications.

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