Does My Business Need a POTS Line Replacement Solution?

Does My Business Need a POTS Line Replacement Solution?

Does my business need POTS line replacement?The future is here, at least when referring to business telephony.  We’ve discussed this in detail over the last few weeks about how the FCC has enabled the traditional PSTN carriers to shut down the copper wires we all have used for the last 150 years, begging the question: does my business need a POTS line replacement solution?

There are a myriad of reasons why you may still have POTS lines installed in your business.  Legalities, such as privacy requirements and HIPAA, keep many of the fax lines in operation within businesses.  Alarm monitoring, as well, requires the consistency of the traditional copper wire to effectively monitor burglar, fire, and elevator alarms.  In short – the answer to the question of if your business needs to be thinking of POTS Line replacement is yes.  Why?

A Look Back at the Reasons Why POTS Line Replacement Should Be Top of Mind

As we explore in Solutions for POTS Line Replacement, we shared an example of a letter many businesses have begun to receive from their telecom provider.  It goes something like this:

Dear Business Owner:

Effective immediately, the cost for your current POTS line phone services will be increased by 50%.  Your new price for the services will be $145 per line,  Please be aware that your current POTS line phone services will no longer be available after December 1, 2020.  We do have some alternate IP-based communications solutions that might fit your needs and allow you to remain at your current pricing structure. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

We expect to see notices continue to expand as the year progresses and more lines are discontinued.

Now that we know why there is a need for POTS Line replacement solutions, we look to ways that we can best manage the transition in How to Replace POTS Lines.  The answer is surprisingly simple…so simple you might think now why didn’t I think about that?

And lastly, the POTS in a Box is more than just a device to connect your analog telephone to the digital network.  Check out 10 Surprising Things You Can Do with POTS in a Box besides just managing your telecommunications.

Does Your Business Need POTS Line Replacement Devices?

The short answer is…most likely.   Download our free POTS Line Replacement Checklist and evaluate your risk for disruption as more POTS lines are retired.

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