Kari's Law VoIP calls 911

Kari’s Law: How VoIP Calls Reach 911

In 1957, the catalyst for the development of a single emergency number to reach fire stations, police stations, and medical professionals.  10 years later, the FCC and AT&T settled on 911 as the number of choice for all emergency calls.  On February 16th, 1968, the first 911 call was completed by Senator Rankin Fite in […]

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Property Management System and PBX

Integrate Your PMS with Your PBX and Win

Consider this.  The US Travel Association reported that “Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $3.0 billion a day, $124.3 million an hour, $2.1 million a minute and $34,500 a second.” $34,500 US dollars were spent every minute for travel in the past year. Moving forward, BCD Travel believes that the […]

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Compliance with Kari's Law

Steps to Ensure Compliance with Kari’s Law

At the time this blog was written, Kari’s Law was less than 66 days away from the deadline businesses have to comply with the new regulations.  Two years after the proposal was signed, the regulation will “go live” on February 16, 2020. Previously, we shared the history of Kari’s Law and the effects it would […]

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