Reliable Communications in Times of Crisis

Reliable Communications Are Critical in Times of Crisis We’ve always known it, but the thought has been that it will “never happen to me.”  We put it off, give it the lowest priority in our task list. We know that we need to have a plan, but procrastinate getting it done. Until it happens. Natural […]

CommentsApril 2020
How Unified Communications enable better Customer Experience

How UC can affect Consumer Experience

Changes in consumer needs and expectations happen quickly.  Still, one trend that is clear will stick around is the value customers are placing on the experience they have with the business and the effect it has on their repeat business.  A study by Walker is seeing significant changes in the importance of how consumers feel […]

CommentsFebruary 2020
Kari's Law VoIP calls 911

Kari’s Law: How VoIP Calls Reach 911

In 1957, the catalyst for the development of a single emergency number to reach fire stations, police stations, and medical professionals.  10 years later, the FCC and AT&T settled on 911 as the number of choice for all emergency calls.  On February 16th, 1968, the first 911 call was completed by Senator Rankin Fite in […]

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