POTS Landline

What is POTS Landline Replacement, and Why is it Needed?

For decades, the familiar ring of a landline telephone was powered by POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. These analog copper wire connections were the backbone of telephone communication, enabling households and businesses to stay connected. However, as technology advanced, the limitations of POTS landlines became increasingly apparent, paving the way for a digital revolution […]

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Essential Traits for Unified Communications

6 Essential Traits for Unified Communications Solutions

Remote and hybrid work is no longer nice to have.  It’s a “must-have.”  And numbers support it.  88% of employees in an OwlLabs study reported experiencing increased job satisfaction & improved mental health when working remotely. And that’s not all – 55% reported feeling less stressed! Unified Communications (UC) refers to integrating various communication tools […]

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POTS Landlines

How Traditional POTS Landlines Have Changed

Telecommunications has evolved rapidly over the past few years due to technological advances and consumer behavior changes.   Mobile technology has become the primary way people communicate, leading to decreased use of traditional POTS landlines.  Along with the rise of mobility, VoIP has advanced, and the reliability and quality of the voice service have now […]

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