5 Ways UCaaS Technology Can Improve Employee Retention

5 Ways UCaaS Technology Can Improve Employee Retention

The modern workplace is changing rapidly, and technology is at the forefront of the transformation. Employees and employers need to be aware of and to embrace these changes in the workplace so they move with the times. Engaging with and retaining talented workers is vital, as the job market is more flexible than ever before and highly skilled staff come at a premium. Job satisfaction is crucial, with choice becoming a key issue as the digital world enables more people to work differently and in diverse ways. Here are five ways to help keep employees engaged and to improve retention utilizing communications technology.

UCaaS Technology

Legacy Systems Modernization

Technology is one of the fastest-moving industry sectors, and staff need up-to-date equipment to operate effectively in today’s environment. The days of a notepad and phone are over, as staff require modern technology to do their job in most sectors. Modernizing legacy systems, such as PBX systems, means employees can connect more effectively, which boosts productivity and avoids employee frustration. Workers need to have confidence in the IT they use as well, so investing in reliable and modern computers, systems, and mobile technology, like UCaaS technology, will support workers to do their job effectively and keep staff engaged. Streamlining technology so that everything is on one screen is known to improve productivity in the workplace and will keep staff motivated.

Use Interactive Training Solutions

The world of technology is moving at such a pace that keeping up to date with new ways of working can be a challenge. While the millennial worker has the edge on technological advances, such as social media and coding, a more mature worker may feel out of place. By using expertise in creative ways, engaging and retaining staff will be positive. Reverse mentoring is an effective solution where technology is concerned. Using millennial workers to support older employees to engage with the latest technological advances is an excellent way to develop positive relationships between intergenerational workers, and to open opportunities to work collaboratively. In turn, the practical experience of the older worker will enhance the skill sets of millennials, creating a learning culture in the workplace where everyone has something to offer.

Enable Collaboration

One of the wonders of the internet age is the ability to communicate rapidly — but only if the right system is in place. Shared records in healthcare, virtual meetings, and video chat are all possible and save travel time to increase productivity and avoid duplication. Using video networking and webinars enable staff to be educated without traveling long distances and provide a creative solution to meetings involving a large number of people. A hosted PBX phone system is another way of holding a meeting without traveling and enabling people to use the travel time in the workplace. An example of this is a community-based nursing team caring for older people, such as in a senior living facility. Instead of having a morning meeting in a central office, using technology, the staff can call in by video link, which saves travel time and enables them to spend more time with patients. Good communication also helps staff remain engaged and focused in the workplace.

Create an Agile Workforce

Technology enables people to work remotely and to operate in a flexible way.  UCaaS technology is important when workers need to function across departments and in a collaborative way. Likewise, ensuring systems are compatible with each other is another essential factor when using a specific technology. Workers can operate in a flexible way across teams and on different work streams if there are consistent systems in place. Technology also helps a team’s agility by enabling team members to work remotely and flexibly, ensuring business continuity. If a building were unable to be accessed due to adverse weather, for example, a unified system with a network would enable staff to work from home or another location. This approach can also be used to support staff who need to work remotely for family reasons, and helps maintain engagement among workers.

Stay Ahead of the Game with UCaaS Technology

With technology developing faster than ever before, staying ahead and knowing the latest innovations is key. Not only does this avoid purchasing equipment about to be consigned to the scrap heap, but it ensures the staff stay up to speed, too. It also attracts staff to a business if they know there are innovative technological solutions in a company. Having something new in a business can give it the edge over another where employees are concerned about a lack of technological innovation. Collaborations with technology centers and universities are an excellent way to pilot new ideas and to enable creative solutions in the workplace. Checking out business fairs and conferences for new ways of unifying systems, innovative technologies, among others, is vital to stay ahead in today’s workplace.

UCaaS Technology Enables Employees to do Their Job Effectively

Technology is here to stay and an integral part of the workplace. Ensuring staff have the best modern equipment to do their jobs effectively is vital to improving productivity and increasing retention rates in a company. Whether this is a unified phone system or a shared record mechanism, using communications technology to create solutions in a collaborative world is an effective way of engaging today’s worker.

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