Highly engaged employees

High Employee Engagement is Key to Business Success

Businesses with highly engaged employees outperform the rest by 202%, according to recent surveys on employee engagement, and see a 20% increase in sales. As a result, businesses that placed an emphasis on increasing employee engagement also realized 2.5x more revenue growth than unengaged workers. Source: Interact Intranet As you can see in the graphic […]

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Nine Reasons Why You Need UCaaS

It has been over two years since wide-spread work from home policies have been issued.  The initial rush to get something in place to effectively manage internal and external communications has passed.  Video Conferencing use skyrocketed in line with the complete shuttering of Main Street USA as did mobile phone usage for verbal business communications, […]

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The Future of Video Collaborations

“Study the past if you would define the future.” Confuscious We can’t understand where we are if we do not know where we have been, much less gain insights into what the future holds.  We need to know what went wrong in the past to know what to avoid in our future.  Current statistics from […]

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