extend pbx life

How to Extend the Life of Your PBX Solution

In 1965, American engineer Gordon Moore theorized that the transistors on computer chips  (and by association, technology) doubled every two years and Moore’s Law was born.  Although magazine’s and news outlets of the time referred to Moore’s Law with the same “assurance” as Newton’s Law of Motion, Moore’s Law was an extrapolation of an observation […]

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Reliable Communications in Times of Crisis

Reliable Communications Are Critical in Times of Crisis We’ve always known it, but the thought has been that it will “never happen to me.”  We put it off, give it the lowest priority in our task list. We know that we need to have a plan, but procrastinate getting it done. Until it happens. Natural […]

CommentsApril 2020
working from home

How to Be Productive When Working from Home

Working from home has become a new reality for many of our businesses, whether we were prepared for it or not.  Even before current events, however, there was a huge push towards the adoption of remote workers and teams, with FlexJobs reporting a 159% growth in the last 12 years.   And for a good […]

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