Best Poly IP Phone 2022

Top Poly IP Phones for 2022

Continuing our series of the top IP phones for 2022, we wanted to highlight the Poly series of phones.  For over 30 years Poly, has been a powerhouse in telecommunications equipment, and you have probably come across their phones for years under the name of Polycom. After a merger with Plantronics, Polycom rebranded itself to […]

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UCaaS Great Resignation

UCaaS and the “Great Resignation”

47 million Americans quit their jobs voluntarily last year, according to a CNN report.  Not only did a record number of Americans quit, but there were also record job openings hindering businesses’ ability to continue to grow and thrive.  This phenomenon has been named the “Great Resignation” and no industry is immune.  What does UCaaS […]

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mobile uc

5 Tips to an Effective Mobile UC Strategy

According to Quora Creative, the number of smartphone users is projected to reach 2.87 billion by 2020.  You just have to take a moment to look around you in a social situation to see the proliferation of mobile devices into our everyday lives.  You would have a difficult time finding someone in the crowd who […]

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