MIX Networks Featured by Senior Helpers President as Top Service

MIX Networks Featured by Senior Helpers President as Top Service

In the winter issue of Franchising Today Magazine, Senior Helpers president Craig Leonard discussed the successes of his corporate franchise, and the tools he used to achieve them. He highlighted some of the strategies he used to help his franchise grow, including key services he incorporated as part of his franchise package to make every owner a success. Featured most prominently was MIX Networks whose unified communications services were touted as a “no-brainer” and an instrumental service to Senior Helpers’ operations.

The Senior Helpers article read as follows:

Senior Helpers has benefited from the help of MIX Networks Inc., a cloud based voice and unified communications services provider based in Lakeland, Fla.  According to MIX, Senior Helpers provided communication services as one its franchise benefits.

“Some of the Senior Helpers franchisees saw the value of MIX’s cloud communications service first and brought the idea to its corporate IT department,” MIX says, noting that some of the franchisee benefits included cost savings, convenience, no upfront Capex, flexibility and scalability.  “Senior Helpers corporate realized that in addition to these benefits, these services could help with brand-building and help all of its franchises realize the benefits that the early adopters enjoyed.

“For new franchisees, it’s a no-brainer, “ MIX says.  “MIX offers a turnkey communications solution at no up-front cost.  This allows new franchisees to focus solely on the business of running their new business.”

“For existing franchisees, it is a case-by-case basis, “ MIX Continues.  “MIX works closely with each individual franchisee to identify the best way to migrate from their existing system to the new cloud-based solution.”

The company also handles all the training of the Senior Helpers’ franchisees to make sure they realize every available operational benefit and cost savings of the new system.  MIX also made it easy for the company to transition from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based solution.

“MIX worked closely with Senior Helpers’ IT Team to facilitate the implementation of the new services and provided all the training they needed.  When the company’s old provider had trouble with releasing its phone numbers in a timely manner, MIX jumped in and made it happen.”

Incorporating unified communications as a value offering to franchisees has helped to turn Senior Helpers into a leader in home care. Their franchisees received the training to successfully implement their communications system, save money, and most important of all, to focus on what they do best, which is to care for seniors in need.

You can read the full article about Senior Helpers HERE.

About MIX Networks

MIX Networks, Inc. is a full service provider of cloud-based communications services including Hosted PBX, UCC, SIP Trunking, Phone Number Management, and more.  MIX offers its suite of leading edge, high-value service and equipment solutions to Business, Reseller, and Wholesale Customers.

Unified communications tools—which combine SMS, fax, instant message, email, voice, presence features and video conferencing into a single interface—are easily integrated into a businesses’ VoIP infrastructure, meaning those that have adopted cloud PBX or SIP trunking solutions can leverage the technology’s power.

Benefits of Unified Communications:

  • Cost Savings
  • Employee Mobility
  • Increased Organizational Agility
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced and Improved IT Management

For more about MIX Networks’ services for franchises, visit our franchises page.

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