Remote Work Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss

Remote Work Statistics You Don’t Want to Miss

“The idea of working five days a week with two day weekends and a few weeks of holiday each year has become ingrained in society. But it wasn’t always the case, and it won’t be in the future.” Richard Branson – Virgin

There is no way around it.  Millennials are demanding a change to the way we work, and work-life balance has become a key decision factor for this generation in choosing who they want to work for.  88% of Millennials in a recent survey said they want a work-life integration where work and life are indistinguishable.  With Boomers and Gen-Xr’s rapidly moving to retirement, Millennials are in high demand in the workforce talent search, and if businesses are going to compete effectively for this next generation of talent, they need to shift their mindset on the “way we work.”

Benefits of embracing a remote work strategy

Remote work is not just a growing trend; it is fundamental to business success

Upwork’s Future of Work report surveyed over 1,000 hiring managers, who reported that they expect 38% of their workforce to be remote in the next decade.  More than 55% of the same managers agree that the number of full-time workers who work remotely is rising quickly. This trend has Fast Company calling remote work the “new normal.”   The question is, what are you doing to make this a reality for your business?

Ready to make the move?  Here are 15 questions to ask before choosing your Hosted PBX provider.

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