Kari’s Law: What You Need to Know

Kari’s Law: What You Need to Know

Six years ago, Kari Hunt was murdered in the bathroom of her motel room in Texas while her young daughters were in the next room.  Her 9-year-old daughter attempted to call 911 four times but was unable to get through, because the motels multi-line telephone system required guests to dial a 9 to reach an outside line.  Unfortunately, Kari died of her injuries.  As a result of the tragedy that befell Kari and her children, Kari’s father started a petition with the FCC to require hotels, motels and any user of a multi-line telephone system to remove the requirement to dial 9 when attempting to reach 911.  In February 2018, Kari’s Law (or H.R.Bill 582) was signed into federal law.

Kari's Law: What the Hospitality Industry Needs to Know

What is Kari’s Law?

H.R. Bill 582 is an amendment to the 1934 Communications Act. It requires MLTSs to be programmed in a way that 911 can be reached without having the dial 9 or other confusing proprietary dialing rules.  The law also adds a requirement that the system sends an alert to whoever is responsible for that phone system to enable them to check on the person, or room, the call originated from.

MIX Networks Helps Your Hotel Maintain Compliance

MIX Networks has partnered with a wide variety of Property Management Systems to help the hospitality industry meet, and exceed their guest’s expectations.  And also help them to maintain that critical compliance piece that is required as a provider of short-term lodging.  MIX Networks Hosted PBX and VoIP solution provide the following features to help you remain compliant:

  • Updates to your E911 Information – Register and update your E911 information by contacting our team either by phone or email.
  • E911 Reports – Reports show when calls are made and from what number.
  • Automated Alerting for E911 Calls – With our advanced features, you can assign users to be alerted when an emergency is reported to 911 from your property.  The solution is able to pinpoint the exact location within your property, reducing confusion when emergency personnel respond.
  • On/Off-Net DID Provisioning – With MIX Networks, you can easily register numbers across multiple networks.

MIX Networks Hosted PBX Solution Enables the Hospitality Industry to Comply with Kari’s Law

Telecommunications law and compliance can be tricky when it comes to all of the nuances.

Kari's Law: Helping You Keep your guests safe and secure

MIX Networks highly experienced and qualified team of telephony professionals can walk you through all of the requirements to help your hotel maintain compliance, provide an exceptional guest experience, all while increasing your bottom line.  Contact a member of our team today to learn more about how MIX Networks can help you comply with Kari’s Law.

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