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4 Benefits of Using Text Messaging in Senior Living Communications

Over the past decade, smartphones have reshaped the communications landscape for consumers. Their near-ubiquity – two-thirds of Americans now own a smartphone – has redefined the relationship most people have with telecommunications and the internet. Smartphones have even changed how consumers prefer to communicate, leading to the rise of text messaging (SMS) as the preferred […]

CommentsDecember 2017

3 Ways Communications Technology Can Improve Your Residents’ Experience.

Senior living facilities generate the lion’s share of their new residents through hard-fought referral networks. Reputation, therefore, is a key factor for administrators to consider. There is often a delicate juggling act between meeting your residents’ needs, keeping their family happy, and ensuring the greater community of residents are satisfied with their environment and their […]

CommentsDecember 2017

Call and Network Reliability with MIX Networks

When evaluating hosted phone system providers, there are two questions that end up at the top of the list: network reliability and voice quality.  In this blog post, I’ll explain how MIX Networks achieves 99.99 up-time. There will be another post in the near future to explain voice quality. Here is the “simple explanation” of […]

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Free Guide On How To Choose a Hosted PBX Provider