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3 Business Benefits of Cloud Communications That Will Make You Jump for Joy

13 years after Google CEO Eric Schmidt coined the term “cloud computing” and 3 years after IDC proclaimed that the technology went “mainstream,” cloud technologies are a part of our everyday life, both professionally and personally.   From storage to computing power to communications, the cloud style of computing has become essential to businesses to grow […]

CommentsMay 2019

Telephonic Communication in Senior Care: Is Your Facility Properly Equipped?

Modern marketers love to espouse the benefits of online marketing, especially social media marketing. A business owner today would not be remiss in thinking that traditional marketing strategies, such as TV and radio, will no longer benefit their business. For specific industries — particularly those that sell consumer goods — online marketing does work better. […]

CommentsNovember 2018

High Employee Turnover? A Hosted PBX Can Ease Transitions and Reduce Costs.

Companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on training new employees with no guarantee those employees will stick with the job. High employee turnover has a significant impact on business operations and carries significant costs. While the search for how to better retain employees remains a constant in the corporate world, some tools can help […]

CommentsJune 2018

Free Guide On How To Choose a Hosted PBX Provider