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POTS Landline

POTS Landlines Are Out.  Now What?

The time has come.  POTS landlines, or the copper wires of the traditional telephone infrastructure, are disintegrating after serving the network for decades and connecting families and businesses for centuries.  The degradation is so severe that it has become too costly to repair and since fiber and cable lines have already been widely installed it […]

CommentsAugust 2021

Essential Tools for a Hybrid-Workforce

Voice, video, text. 80% of organizations are considering hybrid-work long term in the post-pandemic world, and for good reason.  55% of workers are wanting to remain remote at least 3 days out of the week.  OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is planning to make the precautions temporarily instituted in January of 2020 permanent.  […]

CommentsJuly 2021

Unified Communications Statistics for 2021

Just like the dinosaurs, the traditional, legacy PBX system is going extinct.  Unlike the dinosaurs, it’s been a long, slow death instead of a sudden catastrophic event. Regardless, the writing is on the wall – with unified communications statistics from a study in 2018 finding that 61% of businesses then planned to transition to VoIP […]

CommentsJune 2021

Free Guide On How To Choose a Hosted PBX Provider