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Trends in Unified Communications That Are Changing the Face of Collaboration

Mobility is becoming an imperative in the business world.  Organizations that fail to embrace Unified Communications and mobility benefits the technology offers, risks obsolescence. The trend towards digital transformations is more than just the latest marketing phrase coined by technology providers.  CIO defines digital transformation as “a foundational change in how an organization delivers value […]

CommentsJune 2019

This is How the Future Works

Technology that has permeated both our professional and personal life has led to the “always on” mentality for the majority of the workforce.  But having to be “always on” has led to significant increases in burnout and attrition among employees. This has caused both employees and employers to look for alternative ways to gain the […]

CommentsJune 2019

VoIP Headsets Increase Employee Productivity

The verdict is in, hands-free headsets do increase employee productivity by as much as 43%, according to a study by H.B. Maynard.  The study also looked at the effect of the typical handset use and headset use in an office environment and found that the amount of discomfort experienced by employees was reduced by as […]

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