Hands-Free Headsets Increase Employee Productivity

Hands-Free Headsets Increase Employee Productivity

Hands-Free Headsets Increase Employee Productivity

The verdict is in, hands-free headsets do increase employee productivity by as much as 43%, according to a study by H.B. Maynard.  The study also looked at the effect of the typical handset use and headset use in an office environment and found that the amount of discomfort experienced by employees was reduced by as much as 41% when headsets were used.

The study is the first to show clear evidence that hands-free headsets can significantly affect office productivity and call volume while simultaneously reducing employee discomfort and medical costs related to frequent telephone use.

H.B. Maynard looked at over 2000 telephone transactions over three months and recorded transactions on a time and motion basis.  Sixty-two people participated in the study and professions ranged from attorneys, reporters, and consultants. The participants included small business owners, sales and customer support professionals, engineers and financial operations.  Some of the participants held management and/or executive positions. All reported using the phone for more than 3 hours of the workday.

The report conclusively shows that the use of headsets increases productivity and morale of employees and confirms the benefits of headset usage in today’s demanding workplace environment.  By utilizing headsets along with a Unified Communications solution, businesses can see significant benefits from increased productivity to happier and healthier employees. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from a Hosted PBX and Unified Communications solution.

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