Cloud Unified Communications Helps Businesses Grow

Cloud Unified Communications Helps Businesses Grow

What does this all mean?

It means that after several years of recession, the US economy is experiencing healthy growth.  A healthy economy means more consumers and businesses have money to spend, which means business growth and more jobs created.

Legacy Communications Solutions Can Create a Technology Roadblock

Cloud Unified Communications

This isn’t to say that all on-premise and legacy solutions are “bad” and the only solution is to rip and replace.  Legacy solutions have some significant benefits that cause many businesses to choose to maintain and update their current solution instead of replacing.   Additionally, the expense to install one of these types of solutions is significant, and it may be in your best interest to continue to use the on-premise solution and find different ways to handle the significant growth in your business.

But one of the challenges to legacy, on-premise solutions is that they have physical limitations when it comes to the amount of users it can handle and process.  It becomes even more difficult when it comes to managing remote offices and locations who are not physically connected to the telecommunications server, requiring the use of a VPN, which can and will go down, disabling communications for those offsite locations.

What’s a business to do?

Cloud Unified Communications Removes Legacy Barriers

The physical barrier of the number of users a legacy communications solution can handle is one that can significantly hamper your business’s ability to grow.  If you can’t add seats…how are you supposed to add employees? And if you can’t add seats individually, then you have to add a much larger portion of seats than you need, and pay more for seats you aren’t using.   Not to mention the unreliability of VPN connections to connect remote offices to the main office PBX. The only other option in a legacy solution is to add a separate PBX in each remote office. If this makes you feel like putting your head down in defeat, you are not alone.

Solutions like Cloud Unified Communications, or Unified-Communications-as-a-Service, remove these barriers to your physical business growth by enabling you to add those seats and remote offices without the headaches involved in trying to expand a legacy, premise solution.  How?

Subscription-based services.  Cloud Unified Communications removes the physical barrier of expanding and updating your PBX, and can work on top of and together with your current on-premise PBX solution.   Remote offices can be bridged with a cloud based PBX that is tied back to your physical PBX, and all your customers will hear is the same cohesive feel as your on-premise solution.  Users can be added individually, or even removed individually, enabling you to better handle the typical fluctuations of your workforce, and all through a simple to use graphical user interface (GUI) and portal.

And what about when the on-premise PBX goes down for any reason?  By utilizing both a premise PBX and a cloud PBX, users of the cloud PBX will remain unaffected of any downtime by the on-site solution.  Additionally, cloud PBX solutions can be brought in as a failover solution, enabling you to shift all calls from the on-premise to the cloud or users cell phones through an easy to use portal, and then return them to their original settings once the original PBX is back online.

Bring People Together with Cloud Unified Communications

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” ~Matt Mullenweg

Cloud Unified Communications

This description probably seems overly simplistic.  But the solution really is that simple. Think of it like a business cell phone plan.  If you need to add another line to your plan, you just call up your provider, get the phone and spin up the new service.   Done. Cloud Unified Communications solutions work in a similar manner, only in this case you can use it as an add-on to your existing communications solutions and keep the benefits of your on-premise while still managing your business growth.

Are you ready to bring your team together?  Start today.

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