6 Reasons You Need Cloud Phone Systems to Improve Your Scalability

6 Reasons You Need Cloud Phone Systems to Improve Your Scalability

Nothing hampers a business’ growth more than poor communication, both internally and externally. Despite this fact, many businesses put off upgrading their phone systems to the cloud, deeming the investment either too costly or unimportant. For companies seeking to grow, and grow fast, everything about their company, from communications to marketing, must be scalable. Without a scalable cloud phone system, however, there’s a good chance the rest of the company will struggle to scale as well in the event of rapid growth. Here are 6 reasons why your company needs a cloud phone system to improve your scalability.

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Cloud Phone Systems Enable Business Growth

A growing business needs scalable systems. IP phones, along with a hosted PBX, are managed off-premise, and so do not require on-site engineers to set up. Scaling up a hosted phone system is a matter of asking for more lines, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice. As call volumes grow, a hosted phone system allows your business to add lines quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Phone Systems Simplify Seasonal Upticks

If your business offers seasonal goods and services, a hosted phone system can help save on costs while meeting higher demands at certain times of the year. Just as new lines can be added in a pinch, so too can they be removed or suspended during the off season. Hosted phone systems allow for better scalability both upwards, for growth, and downwards to save money in the off season.

Cloud Phone Systems Give You the Competitive Edge

More and more, consumers prefer to stick with brands and businesses with reliably good customer service. This means that phone systems are a crucial part in building consumer trust and loyalty. A phone system that cannot quickly and efficiently meet consumer demands will create an environment whereby consumers may lose trust in your company simply because of the phone system did not work, the wait times were too long, or the customer service was not up to par. A hosted phone system allows rapid deployment of new lines and hardware that ensure your phone system keeps pace with your business’ growth.

Cloud Phone Systems Relieve the Administrative Burden

Traditional on-premise phone systems are an administrative nightmare. They require staff to manage them, are not particularly scalable, and in this day and age are completely outdated. A hosted phone system takes the administrative burden of managing the phone system off-site and off your shoulders, so you can worry about growing your business without worrying about how to scale your existing phone system.

Cloud Phone Systems Integrate With Modern Technology

Hosted phone systems are build and managed in the digital space. In contrast to older on-premise phone systems, a hosted phone system can easily integrate with new communications technology – including video conferencing, mobile applications, and flexible workspaces – to allow your employees to make full use of all the latest communications tools to help grow your business. This integration means your phone system will no longer stand alone, but be part of unified communications solutions to make your business more scalable, more flexible, and easier to manage.

Cloud Phone Systems are Easy to Use

Hosted phone systems are managed off-premise by a company specialized in the administration of such systems. This means that the headache of deploying and managing an effective phone system is now the responsibility of a dedicated team, who are reachable for any problems that may arise. Setting up a hosted phone system is made more intuitive than ever. New employees can be trained more quickly on the systems, and this saves time and money. Overall, the ease of use of a hosted phone system is more efficient and more cost effective than retaining a legacy on-premise phone system.

The Takeaway

Hosted phone systems are a tremendous tool available to businesses of all sizes and growth rates, and help to make communications scalable and affordable. Switching to a modern hosted phone system enables businesses to scale quickly during rapid growth, adjust their communications costs for seasonal upticks, improve a company’s competitiveness and customer retention, relieve the administrative burden associated with legacy phone systems, integrate voice communications with other technologies, and overall improve the ease of use of a business’ phone system.

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