5 Surefire Applications of Unified-Communications-as-a-Service to Grow Your Business

5 Surefire Applications of Unified-Communications-as-a-Service to Grow Your Business

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is a booming industry— for a good reason. Companies large and small understand the tremendous value of interconnectivity and ease of access to communications, which has led to a rapid rise in UCaaS industry growth. If your business has not integrated a cloud communications platform, here are five surefire applications of cloud communications that will help you grow your business.

ucaas to grow Enable a Mobile Workforce

Every business in the 21rst century will need to adapt to changes in the economy and the workforce. The traditional 30-year stable career, as well as the nine-to-five work hours, no longer fit the needs of most businesses or workers. As a new generation raised on smartphones and tablets enter the workforce, employers will need to adapt to their needs. 

Cloud Communications offer a broad array of tools to meet the needs of modern workers. Most important are the tools assigned to enable a mobile workforce. With a comprehensive cloud communications platform, employees can access their collaboration tools anywhere there is an internet connection. They can access work-related communications from desktop and mobile applications, which offers them complete flexibility. 

Employees who are empowered with such flexibility are happier in their work, more productive, and tend to stay longer with employers who offer such tools. A mobile workforce also helps to keep things moving in the event of a disaster, such as a severe snowstorm, because employees can continue their work from home. 

A mobile workforce also has the advantage of allowing businesses to hire talent remotely. Remote workers now constitute nearly one-third of workers. Many workers do not wish to move for a new job (they may be unable to move for family or other personal reasons), so employers who have a comprehensive cloud communications platform have the option to hire remote workers with the peace of mind that those employees will have no problem integrating with the rest of the team.

Expand to and Consolidate Multiple Locations

Nothing hurts a business more than an inability to scale. One of the main reasons why companies fail to scale efficiently is their lack of communications cohesiveness. Systems break down, new business is missed, and business growth is stunted when communications are not streamlined internally. Cloud communications are specifically designed to prevent such problems. In fact, Unified Communications as a Service delivers services and tools that allow businesses to optimize their communications and scale their business with ease.

Since cloud communications are hosted off-premise, expanding to a new location poses no obstacle. A new site can be added by directly connecting with an internet connection to an existing platform, and all the same systems and processes at the original office will be immediately replicable.

The same is true of existing locations. Businesses with multiple sites that do not communicate efficiently with each other stand to lose business because of the lack of communication. A single Unified Communications as a Service platform can be deployed across all locations strategically to unify all the tools and processes of each site, which streamlines communications throughout all parts of the business. 

Reduce costs

Traditional communications systems, such as on-premise PBX systems, are expensive to deploy and maintain and lack flexibility. They require on-site technicians to manage, an on-site server, and they are often not intuitive to use or change. Moreover, because such systems are located on-site, it is up to the business and their employees to keep hackers at bay. Hackers love outdated communications systems because they are exceptionally easy to hack.

Cloud communications save costs on labor as well as equipment costs. Since they are managed off-premise by a dedicated team of people whose sole job is to maintain the server, they are more secure from hacks. There is also no need to hire a dedicated employee to manage an on-premise system. For all of these reasons, cloud communications are the right choice for price-conscious business owners to improve their communications.

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service Allow Business Owners to Focus on Business, not Infrastructure.

Nothing derails a business faster than trying to solve a problem with an outdated communications system, such as an on-premise PBX. Such issues take focus from business leaders and their team away from their jobs to tackle a problem that should not be theirs to fix. Communications infrastructure has long been a frustrating and anxiety-provoking part of the corporate world. 

Cloud Communications host everything in the cloud. On the server side (off-premise) there is a team of dedicated professionals whose sole job it is to ensure continuity. If there is an issue with the communications systems, they handle it, not the business owner or their team. A communications system hosted off-premise in the cloud allows businesses and their employees to focus on what they do best: grow their business.

Stay Current with New and Emerging Trends with Unified-Communications-as-a-Service

The pace of innovation in today’s business world is such that a business not actively on the lookout for new tools may lose out to their competitors. Cloud communications services help with this fact because Unified Communications as a Service providers are always on the lookout for new tools to add to their service offering. Cloud communications providers, such as MIX Networks, are continually innovating and looking for the next significant shift in the industry that will help empower their customers with the latest, most productive cloud services possible. 

Additionally, there is no need to worry about updating software or security measures with a hosted system. Providers of hosted communications systems manage all upgrades, so business owners can have the peace of mind that their system is up-to-date and secure.

Incentives to Switch to the Cloud

Unified Communications as a Service providers understand that change can be daunting. However, the advantages of a cloud communications platform far outweigh any negatives posed by making the switch. To help with this matter, cloud communications providers have created special introductory offers to encourage businesses to make the switch. Many providers offer no up-front costs with the installation of a cloud communications platform, including any hardware necessary. MIX Networks is one such provider. We provide comprehensive and no up-front cost installations of hosted PBX systems and other services. 

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