POTS Replacement

POTS Replacement Options for Small Businesses

POTS lines, aka Plain Old Telephone Service, have been foundational in our businesses for over a century but as we have discussed several times recently, the technology is phasing out leaving many of us with a decision to make.  How do we continue to communicate when POTS lines no longer work? If you find yourself […]

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VoIP Phone

7 Reasons To Choose A VoIP Phone Over Traditional Telephone Service

Developed in 1995 with the goal of providing long-distance and international call services for a lower price, VoIP ushered in an entirely new business communications landscape.  By 1999, the VoIP phone gained momentum with the development of SIP (session initiation protocol) and G.722.1, which became a widely adopted wideband coding standard.  By 2004, VoIP providers […]

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What is the PSTN

What does the PSTN Stand For?

You’ve likely seen the acronym tossed around but do you know what the PSTN stands for? The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) was originally designed for voice communications only. Then the PSTN became the underpinning of text messages, video calls, and even the Internet.  Using underground copper wires, this legacy platform has been a reliable […]

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