Video brings us closer

45 Stats on how Video Calling Brings us Closer

According to CNBC, more large corporations are talking about making remote work permanent after the coronavirus showed everyone that we can work in different ways.  From Facebook and Twitter to Barclay’s and Nationwide, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and the long-held belief that the only way to work was inside […]

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COVID-19 Video Call

How has COVID-19 Changed the Way We Collaborate?

How has COVID-19 Changed the Way We Look at Video Calling? Video calling is not new.  The technology has existed since 1964.  Yes, you read that right.  1964.  It is only recently that the technology has started to gain popularity.  Web conferencing and screen sharing have been the go-to solution for conducting meetings and conversations […]

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Re-Opening Your Business Post-COVID

Tips for Re-Opening Your Business Post-COVID

Two months ago, we didn’t have any idea when or even if re-opening our doors was a possibility.  Now that day has arrived, and businesses across the country are making plans for re-launching.  In light of these unprecedented events, here are four tips for re-opening your business post-COVID. Four Tips to Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID […]

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