UCaaS Great Resignation

UCaaS and the “Great Resignation”

47 million Americans quit their jobs voluntarily last year, according to a CNN report.  Not only did a record number of Americans quit, but there were also record job openings hindering businesses’ ability to continue to grow and thrive.  This phenomenon has been named the “Great Resignation” and no industry is immune.  What does UCaaS […]

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Essentials of Call Reliability for Cloud-Based Hosted PBX

Essentials of Call Reliability with Cloud Hosted PBX

Reliable communications are essential to your business.  In fact, surveys have found that small businesses lose on average $55,000 a year due to IT solutions downtime.  Obviously, this can be significantly damaging to a small business, as you know if you are reading this blog.  The types of downtime that can affect your business range […]

CommentsMay 2020

Reliable Communications in Times of Crisis

Reliable Communications Are Critical in Times of Crisis We’ve always known it, but the thought has been that it will “never happen to me.”  We put it off, give it the lowest priority in our task list. We know that we need to have a plan, but procrastinate getting it done. Until it happens. Natural […]

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