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5 Ways Your Unified Communications Platform Supports Remote Workers

Working remotely has never been more popular. In a 2016 Gallup survey, 43% of respondents said they worked from home in the past year. In industries more conducive to working remotely, such as IT and marketing, that figure exceeded 60%. The rise in the prevalence of remote workers is redefining the workplace, and companies are […]

1 CommentJanuary 2018

3 Ways Communications Technology Can Improve Your Residents’ Experience.

Senior living facilities generate the lion’s share of their new residents through hard-fought referral networks. Reputation, therefore, is a key factor for administrators to consider. There is often a delicate juggling act between meeting your residents’ needs, keeping their family happy, and ensuring the greater community of residents are satisfied with their environment and their […]

CommentsDecember 2017

Call and Network Reliability with MIX Networks

When evaluating hosted phone system providers, there are two questions that end up at the top of the list: network reliability and voice quality.  In this blog post, I’ll explain how MIX Networks achieves 99.99 up-time. There will be another post in the near future to explain voice quality. Here is the “simple explanation” of […]

1 CommentNovember 2017

Free Guide On How To Choose a Hosted PBX Provider