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Virtual DID Phone Numbers for a Variety of Service Applications.

MIX Networks has one of the largest DID (Phone Number) footprints on the North American continent.

Virtual Phone Numbers for a variety of service applications.

MIX Networks has partnered with Tier 1 Carriers to offer one of the largest DID phone number footprints in North America.  Our DIDs are available in most primary and secondary USA & Canadian markets – select International numbers are also available.

DIDs offer a cost-effective way to extend your marketing presence beyond your native area code.  Enhance your DIDs with a 411 Directory Listing in a local or non-local market.  You can also add a unique CNAM (outbound Caller ID) record to your number.

Easily manage your DIDs right from our User Portal. Once we place the DIDs onto your account, you decide what to do with them.  Assign your DIDs to a new User, Department, Call Queue, Conferencing Number, Fax Use, or an Auto Attendant.

Perfect for any standard Business Use as well as Call Center, Polling, Marketing, and Custom Applications

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