UCaaS Hybrid Work

6 Reasons Why UCaaS is Best for Hybrid Work

A Metrigy report found that organizations that utilize applications, such as unified communications, for team collaboration realize significant benefits in achieving more productivity while reducing costs and increasing revenue. While these benefits pre-dated the COVID-19 pandemic that fundamentally changed how and where we work, the switch from in-person to remote and now to hybrid schedules […]

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UCaaS is the new norm

UCaaS: The New Norm in Modern Communication

Who remembers what it was like in the “old days?”  You know, back when everyone had a commute, computers were stationary, and phones were attached to the wall?  Before UCaaS became the “new norm” for business communications? While there were some benefits to this type of arrangement, such as the ability to have a strong […]

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POTS in Networking

What is POTS in Networking?

Imagine an invention that not only changed the world but was so transformational that it took almost 100 years for a new technology to come into existence that threatened its existence. This is what it was like in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell presented his invention, the telephone, to the world.  It wasn’t until the […]

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