FCC Order 19-72A1 for POTS Lines

What Does FCC Order 19-72A1 for POTS Lines Mean?

No, Dorothy.  You are not in Kansas anymore. For many businesses, the rapid changes in technology, such as FCC Order 19-72A1,  can feel like being in the middle of a tornado trying to find solid ground.  And once the skies are clear, you find yourself in the middle of Oz, where nothing looks or feels […]

CommentsApril 2022
Offer POTS replacement

Reasons Why You Need to Offer POTS Replacement

If you’ve been in the industry of selling communications solutions for a while, you’ve probably noticed a trend of businesses increasingly moving to digital means of communications such as VoIP. It’s no surprise, really, when you look at the facts.  Increasing broadband use and the introduction of cell phones drove many to drop the now […]

CommentsFebruary 2022
POTS Lines 2022

The Beginning of the End for POTS Lines is Now

August 2, 2022 This is a date that you will want to mark down in your calendars.  Why?  This is the date when you may start asking “Can I still get a POTS Line?”  This date is the beginning of the end of POTS Lines. When the FCC instated order 19-72A1 to aid telecommunications providers […]

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