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The Solution: MIX 4G Failover

MIX 4G Failover solves the problem of lost Internet connectivity – automatically – with a quick and easy deployable, low-cost solution. Now your business can maximize their Internet availability by bridging the inevitable gap with 3G/4G mobile broadband failover.

Our solution combines a hardware appliance with wireless mobile broadband from the most reliable cellular provider in your area.  Our MIX Failover solution automatically detects access issues with your regular internet connection instantly fails over to 4G/3G network connectivity to avoid prolonged service interruptions.

The Benefit: Avoiding Downtime / Business Continuity

MIX 4G Failover automatically provides the Internet access you need to continue conducting business in the event that your regular Internet connection fails.

  • High Availability – your offices and retail locations can rely on high availability that used to be limited to larger operations
  • Reliability – no longer is the cost for connectivity instant failover out of reach for Small to Medium Businesses 
  • Cost Effective – avoid downtime without the worry of breaking your budget by taking advantage of the benefits of MIX 4G Failover

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