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Three Options for POTS Line Replacement

What do all of these have in common? Analog phone lines Paging Analog modem data Auto-Dial Call Box (Ring down lines) Machine-to-Machine SCADA Vending Machine Communications Fire alarms ATMs Point-of-Sale Meter Reading Emergency Call Boxes Burglar alarms, fax machines, and elevators. 40 Million devices such as these that rely on the traditional, analog, phone line […]

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What is the Difference Between POTS Lines and VOIP?

In the telephony world, acronyms are tossed around like popcorn.  POTS.  PSTN. VoIP.  M2M.  IoT.  SIP.  UCaaS. You may have already seen some of these as you’ve looked into new communications solutions for your business, but we thought we would take some time to clarify a key difference between POTS (analog) solutions and VoIP (Digital) […]

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