POTS Lines Vs. VoIP: The Battle of a Lifetime

Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.   Professor X and Magneto.  Batman and The Joker.  Harry Potter and Voldemort.  What do all of these duos have in common?  Well, they all were fighting for dominance, just like the analog landline (POTS, plain old telephone service) and Voice over IP (VoIP) have been for generations. The difference […]

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extend pbx life

How to Extend the Life of Your PBX Solution

In 1965, American engineer Gordon Moore theorized that the transistors on computer chips  (and by association, technology) doubled every two years and Moore’s Law was born.  Although magazine’s and news outlets of the time referred to Moore’s Law with the same “assurance” as Newton’s Law of Motion, Moore’s Law was an extrapolation of an observation […]

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POTS Landline

POTS Lines Are Out.  Now What?

The time has come.  POTS lines, or the copper wires of the traditional telephone infrastructure, are disintegrating after serving the network for decades and connecting families and businesses for centuries.  The degradation is so severe that it has become too costly to repair and since fiber and cable lines have already been widely installed it […]

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